Doranco's Equipment and Process Expertise includes the following:

Doranco delivers engineering excellence, jewelry craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and at the right cost.

We deliver complete consumer products as well as bill of materials items

In-House Quality Control and Assurance (All facilities are ISO 9000 certified)
- Salt Spray Chamber
- Material Verification Testing
- Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM)
- Color Assessment: Light Box, Xrite Spectrophotometer
- Optical Comparator, Optical Measuring Machine (OMM).
- Various calipers, gauges, etc.
- Hardness Testing: Rockwell, Shore
- Transportation Testing and Vibration Table

Doranco also uses Testing labs for additional Quality and Environmental Control Data.
- Material Composition Testing (RoHS and REACH standards compliance, confirmation of alloy).
- Material Strength (yield strength, ultimate tension)

Engineering and Product Development Services:
- 2D and 3D CAD Modelling and Design
- 3D Printing and Prototyping

- Retail Packaging
> Custom Thermoform Clamshells
> Printed Corrugated Cartons
> Gift Box Packaging

- Printing and consumer collateral (instruction sheets, warranty cards, etc.)
- Die-Cast Metal (Zinc, Al, Mg, etc.)
- Glass Fabrication

Nameplate Styles:
- Coined Aluminum
- Molded Plastic
- Stamped and Formed
- Chemical Etching (Chemical Machining)

Nameplate Finishing:
- Paint
- Diamond Cutting
- Blasting (Bead Blast)
- Anodizing (Clear and Color)
- Plating
- Metal Foil
- Arc Forming (Radius Forming)

Nameplate Attachment Options:
- Die Cut Adhesives
- Pins (Flexible, Rigid, Clasps, etc.)
- Fusion Welding
- Precision Laser Welding

Decorative Panels and Assemblies:
- CNC Machining, Turning
- Injection Molded Plastic including insert molding and overmolding.
- Sheet Metal Stamping and Forming
- Custom Aluminum Extrusion
- Tapping (threading)
- Fasteners (PEMs, etc.)
- Hardware Kits and Assembly
- Screen Printing (Silk Screening, Pad Printing, etc.)
- Welding, including robotic TIG welding.

- Color Anodizing, including hard anodize, bright dip.
- Polishing
- Abrasive Blast (shot blast, bead blast)
- Powder Coat (Manual and Automatic, available in a variety of finishes)
- Wet Paint (Manual and Automatic, including electrostatic and electrophoretic coatings)
- Hairline Finishing
- Various Plating including Tri-Metal (White Bronze), Copper, Nickel, Chrome, Zinc.
- Various Dip Spin Coatings, including Dacromet (Zinc) and Geomet (Zinc-Aluminum).